Blinded to the Truth

I do love wildlife. The idea of going out into the countryside and seeing the natural world provides a great serenity and a deeper understanding and appreciation of God’s creation.

So naturally, I also enjoy wildlife documentaries. Watching David Attenborough tell of God’s wonderful creation, and how it works in perfect harmony to sustain the ecological system (until Man gets involved!) is marvellous. Until you realise that is not what he is proclaiming.

It has baffled me how so many professed ‘experts’ on God’s creation have studied life and its complexities, and yet still hold the belief that some monumental cosmic ‘accident’ caused everything to just occur and evolve into the beauty that we see today.

The Bible does explain this very well. John 9:39 says that “those who see may become blind”, while 2 Corinthians 4:4 says “the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ”.

And so it would seem. The more a person denies God and examines the natural world without the basis of God at the centre of it, and ruling over it as His creation, the more a person fails to see the absolute obvious truths of creation.

Creation cannot, even taken logically, be the product of an accident. The complexities of DNA, the workings of the human biological system, the beauty of an individual flower, the way that an environment actually works to sustain the life within it. Can you really accept this as the remnants of an explosion, no matter how large? Can this really be logically deduced to be the result of a cataclysmic accident? Obviously not. It seems only logical that, even by scientific reckoning, an explosions destroys. An explosion does not create, and certainly doesn’t create such a logical, ordered universe that we live in. Scientists have created the biggest explosions on earth, detonating huge nuclear weapons, but nothing-not one single living organism-has resulted from them, let alone an entire eco system!

Even the experts themselves are beginning to get baffled by their ‘logic’. A recent BBC programme on the ‘Big Bang’ ended with several scientists tying themselves into logical knots trying to figure out how, if the explosion caused everything, there could be an explosion in the first place if there was nothing there before it. After all, an explosion cannot result from absolute nothingness.

But they still wouldn’t accept that the only logical explanation was that God was there in the first place, and it was God that created everything we see or know about.

And that is spiritual blindness.

We can explain till we are blue in the face to a non-Creationist that God created the heavens and the earth, but they will never see it without God opening their eyes first. He has done so before to many scientists, and will do so again. But the spiritually blinded will never see the truth without first acknowledging God. And that is the duty of Christians everywhere to keep proclaiming the truth. We can see, it is our duty to tell others what we see in order to allow God to open up the true beauty and wonder of His creation to them. After all, if they are amazed at what they see when blind, imagine how amazed they will be when their eyes are open!

Phil Austin — Phil is a Deacon at Grace Baptist Church