Visitors are very welcome, especially at our Sunday services. If you normally worship at an evangelical church, we hope you will find a “home from home” with us. If you come from a different church tradition, or have never  been to a church service, this page is for you!

Absolute Beginners

If you’ve never set foot in a church before, you might be nervous at the thought of coming to one of our services. Don’t worry; you won’t be called to the front, there’s no complicated liturgy and you won’t have to do or say anything you don’t believe in. You might not understand everything at first, but the message is simple and direct. At the end of the service we won’t give you the hard sell, but we will be glad to just chat and answer any questions you might have.

What’s it all about?

The Bible tells us that God wants us to worship him through prayer, songs of praise, the reading of scripture and  preaching — and it’s our joy to do so together. Believers are also to celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion).

In our services we speak to God in prayer and song, listen to him through the reading and preaching of his word in the Bible, and proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Sunday Morning services (11:00 am) are family-oriented, and there is a crèche available for small children during the sermon. Sunday Evenings (6:30 pm) are quieter although all are welcome.


See Location for details about getting here. Allow plenty of time to find parking, especially on a Sunday Morning. At the door you will be greeted by our stewards, who will welcome you and can explain anything you need to know about the service. You will be handed a hymn book, and we also find it helpful to have a Bible during the service, so if you don’t have one with you please ask to borrow a church Bible. At the end of the service just leave these on your seat to be collected by the stewards. There is a weekly “GBC Diary” leaflet with information about the services and upcoming events.

Sit wherever you like–there are no reserved seats. If the church is getting full the stewards will help you to find vacant seats. A few minutes before the start of the service, the pianist will stop playing; this is a good time for a brief moment of silent prayer and contemplation.

We don’t take a collection during the service, but there is an offering box in the foyer should you wish to contribute to the Lord’s work.

Order of Service

We don’t follow a formal liturgy or a printed order of service. Hymns and prayers are announced by the service leader.

On Sunday Mornings there is often a short address to the children before or after the second hymn.


We use a mixture of traditional and modern hymns, and  contemporary praise songs, many from the “Praise” hymn-book. Words are also presented on projection screens.

Scripture Readings

Our “church” bible is the English Standard Version (ESV), although you shouldn’t have any problem following the readings and sermon using a different version.


Prayers are usually spoken by the service leader. In prayer we praise God’s glory, thank him for what he has done for us and ask him to meet our spiritual and physical needs. We remain seated to pray.

The Sermon

This is a central part of the service. In the sermon God’s words to us in the Bible are expounded, explained and applied to our everyday lives, so that we might come into a closer relationship with God and be equipped to serve him. Jesus Christ is very much the focus of all our preaching, whether this is from the New or Old Testament. Sermons are recorded and can be listened to or downloaded via the Sermons page.

After the Service

Following the closing prayer there will be a brief moment of  silence for private prayer. After that, why not introduce yourself to the people around you? After the Morning service (except for the first Sunday of the month) tea, coffee and biscuits are served in the back room. We would love you to stay for a chat! If you have to go immediately, the preacher will be at the door to say goodbye.


We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion) after the 1st morning service of each month. There will be a brief interlude to allow those who are not staying for communion to leave.

The Lord’s Supper is a short (15 minute) service in which we remember how Jesus died on  the Cross to secure our salvation and forgiveness. Following the example which Jesus set when he shared the Last Supper with his disciples on the night before he died, we share bread and wine to symbolize his body and blood given for us, and the covenant that God has made to save us through faith in Jesus. We do not believe that the bread and wine are anything other than symbolic. The bread we use is ordinary white bread, and the wine is non-alcoholic grape juice.

This ordinance is for believers–if you are visiting, and believe and trust in the Lord Jesus alone for your salvation (and are in good standing with your own church), you are very welcome to take communion with us. If this does not describe you, you are welcome to stay and observe, but please allow the bread and wine to pass you by, without embarrassment.

Keep in Touch

Cards are available at the door for you to leave your name, address and email if you would like us to keep in touch. If you have any comments or questions about the service–if anything encouraged, puzzled or concerned (or even offended) you–please do not hesitate to speak to the Pastor or one of the Elders, or contact us by email.